WDW Day #2

WDW Day #2

We loved Magic Kingdom so much we decided to go back for more! The girls were so excited to start the day. Our first ride was in Toon Town, The Barnstormer. It was a quick little roller coaster that the girls thought was so fun.

After a brief run through some sprinklers to try and cool down it was time to meet some princesses. One princess asked if the girls were part mermaid since they were so wet.

Off to explore more rides! “The runaway train” (aka Thunder Mountain Railroad) became a fast favorite. We heard “again! again!” every time we got off the ride.

LittleZabba’s all time favorite ride has to be Splash Mountain. We rode that ride more times than I can remember. Oddly enough, no matter where I sat, my row was the one that got soaked. So it became a fight over who got to sit with Mom because everyone wanted to get wet!

Near the end of the day we went to “Story time with Belle”. That was a nice way to wind down the day. We were sitting in the perfect spot to have a quick photo and chat with Belle.

To end the day, why not buy a tube full of colored sugar. Nothing makes a kid’s day like sugar and a crazy colored tongue.

What a day. Time to rest up and plan tomorrow’s adventure.