We spent two days exploring Epcot. There is so much to see there. We drove up and LittleZabba said,

Oh look! The great ball of Epcot!

On our first day we got there just before the park opened so we were able to be there for the “rope drop”, when let everyone into the park to run toward their first ride. While we were waiting for the drop we saw the characters come out to greet everyone. A cast member came up to us and told us that we were picked as the Epcot fish family of the day. That means that we were able to be the first riders on the Nemo Ride and we have priority seating at the first Turtle Talk with Crush show. That was a special treat. At the rope drop we rushed to meet some characters and then headed over to the Nemo ride.

The Nemo ride was awesome. They have a huge fish tank and while on the ride you see the characters from the movie inside the fish tank. It was very well done.

Right after the Nemo ride we headed over to Turtle Talk with Crush. We were the first to enter the theater and had great seats. During the show Crush talked with some kids in the audience and LittleZabba had a chance to talk with Crush too. She was a little shy, but liked talking to him. He asked her where she was from and who brought her to Epcot. Then he asked to talk with her Dad, “the dad dude” as Crush called him. The girls thought it was so funny that their Daddy was talking to Crush. After the show the cast members asked us to stay for a bit. When the audience left we, as the fish family of the day, were able to have a private talk with Crush and got our photo taken with him. It was a great time!

We had a surprise planned for the girls. We headed over to the World Showcase for a late lunch. We went to Norway and dined at the Storybook Princess luncheon. They were so excited to be there. All the princesses were there and came around to each table to talk with the kids and take photos. Everyone was so nice and took time to talk with each child. LittleZabba had a hard time eating her food she was having so much fun watching all the princesses.

Many times during the day we all felt pretty tired and wilted. These were the times we stopped for water or one of those yummy frozen lemonades.

Test Track, a ride that simulates car testing with crash test dummies, was crazy. However, my dare devil children loved it!

Soarin’ was a family favorite. It was a fun ride, and it was in a cold building, a perfect combination.

Daddy wanted to try out a Segway. Of course he was a natural at it.

The girls were each able to choose one souvenir from our time at Walk Disney World. BigZabba took her time and thought long and hard about what she wanted to buy. She finally chose to buy Stitch. She was very happy with her choice. She was even more excited when we saw Stitch at Epcot. BZ wanted to show Stitch her little Stitch to see what he thought. He was very funny. He hugged the little Stitch and ended up putting it on his head, which they thought was just hilarious.

Mary Poppins came out for some photos…

and the Aristocats did too!

2 days of Epcot. We had such a great time.