The Fish

The Fish

Just before our vacation the girls took swimming lessons. Our hope was that they would remember the things they learned last summer, then we would be able to get lots of practice in while we were in Florida. Our plan worked perfectly. Hopefully they will have had enough swimming time that they will retain most of their confidence and skill throughout the year. They loved being in the water. They loved being independent enough to swim without one of us right there with them. They enjoyed being able to “rough house” in the water and not be afraid about swimming back to us. The would have been content to stay at the hotel and swim all day. Every day when we came back from one of the parks they always asked if there was time to swim before bed.

One thought on “The Fish

  1. You are all having way too much fun – how will you ever top this summer and all the activities you’ve enjoyed?
    By the way – I’m impressed you can keep recording stuff on your blog even when you’re very far away. Cool.
    Note to the big fish: We could have used you today. We’ve been trying for quite a while now to sign up for this triple play phone, internet, directv package but they are very sketchy with cost details. We may give up and go back to reading books by candlelight and forget modern conveniences.

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