Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios

The two highlights from Hollywood Studios were the two crazy rides our girls decided they loved. Before this trip I would not have said that they were adventurous children. After this vacation all of that has changed. They may be timid at first, but it doesn’t take much for them to decide they want to try something even if they are a little bit nervous. This is true for both girls, but especially true for LittleZabba. She may look frightened in the photos, but she loves the thrill more than she cares about her nerves.

Immediately after Tower of Terror was over she was yelling,

Again! Again! I want to go again!

BigZabba had no hesitation at all about riding the Rockin’ Roller Coaster. She knew there were loops and cork screws in it. She didn’t flinch. She wanted to ride again and again. Me, on the other hand, had had enough after one ride.

This trip has brought out the dare devil in each of them. It was so fun to watch them want something and go for it, even if they were nervous, and then be so glad they tried. We had fun watching them have fun.