Thank you Notes

Thank you Notes

Today I was browsing the net and a friend passed along this news clip on thank you notes. After my previous post on being a better letter writer I thought it fitting to pass the clip on to you. Maybe it will encourage all of us to be a bit more grateful for even the little things and to tell people when we are thankful for what they have done. (the story begins after a 30 second commercial.) Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Thank you Notes

  1. How ironic that you post this b/c I’m in the middle of a thank-you card to you right now – too weird. =) I LOVED this video. Very good.

  2. @susan – that is ironic. i have been trying to be better about writing notes, so i was a good reminder to me too. i look forward to my note! =) you are very good about writing to people. i loved that you sent a note to BZ about donating her hair. that was super special to her.

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