Cook or no?

Cook or no?

That is the question. I certainly don’t mind cooking, but the problem is I don’t ever know what to make. Most of the time 4:00pm comes and I haven’t yet put a single thought into dinner. (like now for example. it is 3:36pm and have no idea what is on the menu for tonight.) I go to the fridge…nothing jumps out at me. So I go to the freezer….there are a lot of good choices there, however the problem is that it is all frozen. So now what?

I am not the kind of cook who can throw together bread crumbs, mayo and add a dash of lemon and voila! Dinner is served. I have to have a plan, a recipe, step by step instructions. At 4:00pm it is hard to come up with a plan when all of your options are frozen. Generally when this happens our dinner ends up being Thai, from our local yummy Thai place, cereal or quesadillas.

What do you do? Are you a weekly menu planner? Do you have a few stand by meals that you can whip up at the last minute? Help a girl out.

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  1. I try to plan a week’s work of menus when I make my weekly shopping list, but I also try to always have things on hand (mostly canned goods , rice, and pasta) to throw together Pasta e Fagioli, “Steamed” Tuna, or Salsa Beans. Most of my go-to meals are around 30-45 minutes from prep to table.

  2. Hi! Haven’t seen your blog in a while andi never leave comments, but here is a long one. I don’t make very complicated meals. On the weekend, I shop or at least try to, for the week. We are definitely not vegetarian by any means so I pick one protein, one vegetable and carb for the night. For example, one night we will do steaks, the next night chicken, then fish. And usually, it is either cooked by itself unless stir fried with veggies. When we grill steak, we will have a salad or steamed veggie and then maybe a loaf of bread or rice. We do rice a lot. The rice cooker is low maintenance since you don’t have to watch it like pasta. Anyhow, one of the nights is usually a slow cooker night. And then if I am really lazy, we do breakfast for dinner which is pancakes, sausage ( if I have it) and eggs and any fruit we have. Hope this is helpful. Tonight I am sticking a chicken in the oven along with carrots. Oh, and I buy my protein fresh on the weekend and not freeze it so I am forced to cook it !
    See you soon, hopefully !

  3. One thing we do a lot is tacos. I always keep frozen ground beef for that purpose along with corn tortilla’s. And then we always have salsa, lettuce and cheese on hand. Another meal that is easy and the kids love is, “Egg Sandwhiches”. We toast english muffins, scramble eggs and cook some bacon up. Then we put it all together and add shredded cheese and it’s a fast and yummy meal! ;0)

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