First Day

First Day

After our move this summer, the first day of school was a big hurdle for the girls. BigZabba had attended the same school, with her very best friend, since kindergarten, so this was going to be a big change. She was nervous to start over with a new school and new friends, but she maintained a very good attitude about it. LittleZabba was excited to go to school. She was thrilled to finally have her own backpack and lunchbox. She loved that she was going to be able to eat lunch at school, just like her sister.

Over the summer BZ met a little girl at the park. She was going to the same school and entering the same grade. BZ really liked her and hoped that they would be in the same class. With 3 classes it didn’t seem likely that the one person she met would be with her, but it didn’t hurt to pray about it. The night before school started both of the girls had nervous energy. BZ had a bunch of questions about what she should do to meet people, what could she say, how should she act..etc.

School morning came and everyone was up early. Breakfast was eaten, chores done, phone calls made to the Grandparents, and there was still extra time. So we took lots of school photos to kill some time.


Soon it was time to walk to school. As soon as we got to BZ’s classroom she was thrilled to see the girl from the park. They were in the same class! She was so excited. She told me that at that moment all her nervousness left. (I love this photo. I can see the happiness in her eyes. She doesn’t look worried or scared at all.)

With her anxiety behind her she walked into her class and 4th grade officially began. She had a great day and couldn’t stop talking about her teacher (she is so funny, she is very nice…) and she told us all about the advice and help her park friend gave her. We are so thankful that the first day was such a success and that the initial transition was so positive.

LittleZabba is so independent that we weren’t too concerned about her journey to kindergarten. She breezed through the first day and was super excited to go back. Her teacher is very friendly and seems like she has a lot of energy for a room full of 5 year olds.

To wrap up the first day the girls came home and made calls to the Grandparents to let them know how the day went. Everyone was very glad to hear that it went so well. However, the day couldn’t be complete without a session with the best friend. We were unable to get together, so we improvised.

Being able to see her best friend was like water to her thirsty soul. The love each other so much and it warms my heart to hear them talk through their days together. I pray that even though they are apart their friendship will remain strong. They are sweet friends.

Here’s to an amazing year!