Have Fun

Have Fun

This is a note BigZabba left on LittleZabba’s bed for her to find when she woke up. LittleZabba wasn’t feeling very well and BZ wanted to cheer her up.

Wake up sleepy head! Today is my birthday! I am doing my chores. Please don’t be sad today. Put a smile on your face. Today is my birthday so I order you to have fun. Sadly we have school but when we get home we will party! I am so crazy! Smile in my room no frowns allowed! Have a great time at school. Talk with your friends and have fun! I will play with you when you are home. (When I finish my homework!) E might come before we play but that’s okay! Maybe you can start your chores when you wake up. Then, I can throw a party! Oh ya! oh ya!!! I am so happy that today is my birthday! Smily power is the best power! (I am so glad you are feeling better!) Have the best day!

2 thoughts on “Have Fun

  1. That is SO sweet! Love it and glad you got that recorded forever! The girls will love seeing it when they are older!=0)

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