The oldest was given a special gift, a handmade book. Each page is special and unique; a biscuit recipe, a British dictionary page, a pressed Poppy, and this passage.


(adj) The feeling of sorrow when someone leaves

The word Awumbuk comes from the Baining people of Papua New Guinea. When this feeling occurs the mourner is given three days in which all are kind to them, they are treated nicely, and they do no work. During these three days a bowl of water is placed by their doorstep to soak up the Awumbuk. After these three days the mourner throws out the water as a way to get rid of the sorrow, then they are expected to get back to work.

Awumbuk is for all to share, and I’m sure it’s what all of us will feel the day you leave. So when you get to England be sure to leave out a bowl of water and don’t forget to text us.

May Awumbuk never be too close.

We are all very excited to start this new adventure, however there will be a period of mourning. We will miss the familiarity of our home and neighborhood, we will miss our friends and being apart of your lives and we will miss the ease with which we were able to communicate (dang that time difference!). So, we will set out our bowl of water and after three days we will fling away the Awumbuk.

Adventure Awaits.