We Arrived

The last few days have been a whirlwind. It’s really hard to believe that after all the months of planning we are finally here. The first night we got to the hotel and settled in a bit and then headed out for a walk in an attempt to stay awake. We stopped for dinner – Fish-n-Chips of course.

We have been in London for 3 days and I think we might be getting close to adjusting to the time. The kids slept exceptionally well the first night, however the adults were awake by 2:30am. That made for a very long day. Our first day we spent some time looking for a rental. There are several good options and hopefully we will be able to make a decision in the next few days. The remainder of the time we have been attending Star Wars Celebration Europe. There are so many things to see; vendors, exhibits, presentations and it’s a great place to people watch! The costumes people wear are amazing. Over the next few days Rob has a few presentations to do at SWCE, so it will be fun to see him in action.

For many who know me, ya’ll know that I am terrible at directions. I can get lost in a city I have lived in for years. So, you’ll be proud to know that I navigated the girls and I from the convention center back to the hotel on a train with a tube connection and I only made one wrong turn while walking back. After one block I realized my mistake and got us back on track. I was actually very surprised that the journey wasn’t a total disaster. I just might make it in the big city after all.