Tomorrow is the official first day of school. Normally the days leading up to school starting would be full of school supply shopping, finding the lunch boxes that were pushed to the back of the cupboard, clothes shopping, washing backpacks, grocery shopping for lunch items and picking out the first day outfit. This year is quite a bit different. For school this year we chose an online charter school. This allows us to have a flexible schedule to allow for traveling and exploring while still completing the requirements for US schools. The format of the online school allows us to create our own schedule however it will be very tempting to delay the start of the school day and allow other things to sneak in. It will be a challenge these first few weeks to get into a routine and stick to a schedule. We may need to start out too strict in order to find the right balance.

To prepare for school we got each of the girls a desk and chair, and a few silly things to decorate their workspace; a globe pencil sharpener, a fun pencil container and a world map on the wall. They currently enjoy spending time at their desk, hopefully that continues once school starts!

Tomorrow starts a whole new aspect of our London adventure, with my 5th grader and high schooler!