Sister Time

Sister Time


We are quickly approaching two months that we have been in London. Those two months have been full of family time. The first month was hotel living, which gave us very close proximity family time, and the second month has been living in our own place, which has given us a lot more room to spread out and space to escape each other.

While we have found a church that we really enjoy, their programs and groups took a break over the summer, so we haven’t yet met other families to connect with. The girls haven’t been able to meet other kids their age as the youth groups were also on summer break. So, that means that the girls have spent the past two months together…all. the. time. That is a lot of sister time. I am pretty sure that if my sister and I were together 24/7 at their ages, someone would have gotten hurt.

While they have their moments of disagreement and frustration, I have to say that I am amazingly proud of them. The majority of the time they are happy to be together and enjoy each other. They enjoy the same movies and music, and iPad games and enjoy talking strategy with each other. Recently the youngest has started reading The Harry Potter books and that has given them even more to discuss. Now that school has started they have their own lessons to complete, but they are working in the same room. I hear them talking to each other and helping each other out.

I am so thankful. They are very special girls. They could have complained about so many things over the last two months, but they have taken everything in stride. I believe they are truly enjoying this adventure. I am so excited to see how they grow and change over the next year. I am excited that they get to live this adventure together, creating memories that they will talk about for a very long time.