Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

Looking for some fun stuffers?  Here are my top picks for girls:

Francie Pants

Let them kick, twirl, cartwheel, play without worry about showing their panties!  They come in super cute prints.  My girls love love love their francies!  They love them so much they often hike up their dresses just to show them off!

Libby Dibby Spinny Skirt

Now that they have the francies, they can twirl all they like in Libby’s super spinny skirt.  LittleZabba refuses to wear a skirt or dress unless it twirls.  She is getting this one from Santa this year…shhh…don’t tell!

Mi Bazaar Latino

These hairpins are just too cute!  What little girl wouldn’t look darling in them.

Happy Shopping!  Enjoy!