Before we arrived we had many people give their thoughts and advice on what we should expect from living in London.

  • it rains everyday
  • it’s cold
  • the food is terrible
  • beverages aren’t cold – they don’t use ice

So far we haven’t experienced that. It only rained for a short time on the day we arrived. Since then it has been clear skies and hot. Not just warm but actually hot. Today the expected high is 90 degrees. I know this weather will not continue but it has been a nice introduction to London.

We have also been surprised at the great food we have had, and quite a variety; Thai, Indian, great pizza, sandwiches, breakfast cafes, and juices. After so many people told us that restaurants did not serve water with ice, we were surprised to have ice cold water delivered to our table.

It’s been a great first week. I hope that this week brings confirmation of a rental home and our days falling into a bit of a routine. Hotel living is fun, but I am looking forward to unpacking my suitcase and having food available in the kitchen.